Now you can be more than impeccable on your special day with the 1966 White Hardtop Mustang!

1966 White Hardtop MustangHow about looking stunningly immaculate with the 1966 White Hardtop Mustang on your wedding day? You can actually make this happen with the help of H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne. We are the leading luxury transport service that offers a range of luxurious vehicles including this classic and elegant 1966 White Hardtop Mustang. This will surely complement the perfect statement you want to achieve on the most special event of your life – your wedding day. With the impeccably clean feature of this luxurious vehicle, you’ll certainly arrive on the venue having that grand and alluring entrance.

Apart from that, our 1966 White Hardtop Mustang comes with a licensed professional chauffeur. This ensures you a safe and exciting cruising experience on your special event. Not only that, our completely restored white hardtop mustang can absolutely add fun to your wedding photography. Aside from weddings, our collection of 1966 White Hardtop Mustangs will also do best on any occasion such as school formals where you want to achieve an elegant and immaculate presentation. At Hummer Hire Melbourne, we strive to provide you the opportunity to have the safest and most luxurious transport experience on your special day at the most affordable rate.


With its immaculate presentation, the 1966 White Hardtop Mustang complements very well on special occasions like wedding, debutante balls and school formals. It is also the best option for any other special occasions that require the elegance of a pristine luxury car for hire.

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If you want a guaranteed safe and totally impeccable cruising experience on your special day, our 1966 White Hardtop Mustang for hire is simply a must-have.