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Hummer Hire – Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Special!

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Is your big day nearing? Have you purchased the dress and located a wedding venue? If so, now is the right time to find the perfect wedding limo for your D-day! A reliable limo hire company can add safety and style from your bachelor party to the big getaway.

Five coolest ways to make your wedding day more special:

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties:

This is the last night out as a single person and everyone wants to have a good time. Whether you are planning to visit your favorite restaurant or bar, you can hire a limo service to get around and spend the night with complete excitement. You can have a designated driver who can rid the stress of getting around and reaching home safely at the end of the night.

Airport Transportation:

If you are expecting a large number of guests, why don’t you use a limo hire Melbourne company to pick up them from the airport and drop them off at the event venue or hotel? The limo service provider will track the flights and work out the logistics for each of your guests. Moreover, the chauffeurs will wait at the airport before the arrival of your guests and then transfer them from terminal to hotel or venue.


Both the bride and the groom can go out for a dinner with their families in a luxurious limo or a hummer. Having both families riding together will help strengthening their relationship and make wedding tradition more joyful. Moreover, the bride and groom can relax and relieve some pre-wedding tension as well.

Grand entrance:

You can make a huge impression with a grand entrance. The moment you enter the church with bridesmaids, arriving at the reception and walking down the aisle is certainly an opportunity to be a great inspiration. A hummer hire company can ensure a grand entrance and let you make the first appearance a memorable one.

Big Getaway:

Hummers offer a spacious interior where the newlyweds can unwind and rely on the chauffeur to get their first vacation started as a married couple. With Melbourne hummer hire services, you can avoid parking your vehicle at the airport or finding a relative to drop you off at the airport.

H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne offers an efficient and elegant way to commemorate your wedding celebration. We handle everything to provide stress-free transportation on your big day. Give us a call today to make your wedding more special!

Why Choose H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne for Yarra Valley Winery Tour?


Whether you are looking for an excellent destination to spend your honeymoon or to go on for the first date, Yarra Valley in Melbourne can be the right choice. This valley not only has the idyllic and dreamy ambience but also has lush bush lands, splendid views, historical offerings and gastronomic bounties that would let you spend quality time with your loved one. At H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne, we offer limo hire services which make it perfect to enjoy the winery tour to the fullest.

Why Choose Us for the Winery Tour?

Yarra Valley is just an hour away from Melbourne and we have a wide range of vehicles to get you there. No matter where you are from, we will pick you up from your place and take you to the Yarra Valley as quickly and safe as possible.

Our limo hire in Melbourne lets you explore the winery in style. All you need is to sit back and relax in comfort yet still enjoy a feel of intimacy. Yarra Valley is certainly a beautiful place with eye-catching sceneries that will guarantee you a great time during the winery tour. We assure you that you will not go wrong by taking a long and relaxing ride in our limo for wine tasting tours.

Our hummer hire can also be a great way to enjoy a date. Yarra Valley is certainly an excellent place to explore with a person you want to make an impact on.  Apart from tasting the best wines, there are several other things that you and your partner can enjoy during the winery tour. You can take our limo to visit art galleries, historical landmarks, manicured gardens and other attractions in this province.

Yarrla Valley Winery Tour is not just confined for couples and those who go on for a date, but is also a great way of spending quality time with friends and relatives. At H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne, we have limos that can accommodate around 18 passengers and let you travel in comfort throughout the trip. With our hummer hire in Melbourne, we assure you that you will have a great fun and memorable experience.

Call us today and book your hummer for a pleasurable ride!

H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne- One-Stop Shop For All Your Travel Needs!

As we all know that, limousines are deliberated as the most luxurious cars and everyone is longing to take a ride on them. In the past recent years, the popularity of limo hire services has increased significantly due to the luxury, convenience and comfort they offer. Today, people have been looking for an elegant way to reach at their desired location and also want to make the ride a memorable one. H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne entered into the industry with the objective of meeting the demands of such travelers.

Limo for leisure and business trip:

Our limo hire services are best to be used for a variety of transportation needs. Whether you are planning to go on a personal, leisure or a business trip, we can provide you with the right kind of limo that can accommodate your traveling needs. Our services are perfect for short and long distance trips and you can be sure of enjoying a magnificent ride in our vehicles. One of our best aspects is that we have the ability to cater to the travelers from various backgrounds.

Limo for special occasions:

Though hummer hire services seem to be an unconventional mode of transportation, people have started hiring them for different occasions. H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne provides limo services for wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, school proms, hens/bucks nights, corporate parties and other occasions and let you and your guests travel in style.

Limo for an event:

People who want to organise a memorable event in Melbourne can definitely get benefitted from our hummer hire services. We have vehicles in different sizes, so you can find the one that can accommodate your group. If you have a list of specifications, let us know about it to get everything customized.

Limo for transporting guests:

You can opt for hummer hire services to transport your special guests from the airport or hotels to the party venue. We guarantee you that your guests will enjoy the epitome of luxury in our limousines. Our dedicated staff members go an extra mile to ensure a comfortable ride to all your guests.

Limo with chauffeured service:

Another great thing about H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne is that our limo hire is backed up with chauffeured services. All our drivers are vastly experienced and have immense knowledge on all important itineraries of Melbourne. So, they will take you to any destination in and around Melbourne on time.

H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne- A Great Choice to Celebrate Special Occasions

There are many special events in our life which deserve celebrating in a grandeur manner. As certain things happen only once in our lifetime, it is really worth spending money to celebrate them in a better way. One of the most popular options that most people consider to rejoice the special event is hiring a luxurious limo which can bring in a fabulous entry to the occasion. Limo Hire from H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne enhances the spirits and enriches the atmosphere of any occasion. There can be no other vehicles which are as comfortable and luxurious as our limousines.

Here are some of the occasions that you need our limo hire services:

Wedding day:

wedding dayWedding day is one of the most special days to every individual as it denotes a new beginning and assures a lot of joy and happiness. So, it is definitely worth paying to reach the venue in an elegantly decorated limousine. Our limo hire in Melbourne is not only available for transiting bride and groom to the party venue in style but is also available for transporting guests from their place to the venue. In fact, your guests will enjoy the comfort and leisure that they deserve with our limo hire services.


Hummer hire is a special way to celebrate your marriage and other special anniversaries in a great manner. If you have planned to surprise your partner and make her feel excited, a luxurious limo hummer can be a fantastic addition to the celebration. You can take her to a romantic getaway or to a dinner in a luxurious vehicle on your first wedding anniversary. Why don’t you have some romantic songs played during the trip and create a romantic scene with our hummer?


Parties Hummer Limo HireParents who have planned to celebrate their child’s first birthday can certainly benefit from our hummer hire in Melbourne. In fact, limo hire can be the excellent way to break the enthusiasm before starting the birthday party.

School prom:

School prom can be celebrated by your child only once, so why don’t you make it more memorable and special with limo hire services?

These are some of the special occasions that we provide our limo hire services for. If you are planning to organize any event and want a well maintained limo, just approach H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne!

Hire Our Hummer Limo and Accentuate Your Birthday Party

27Do you want to celebrate your birthday in a unique way this year? Why not book a hummer at H2 Hummer Hire and spend your special day with us? There can’t be anything more memorable than having a chauffeur driving you and your friends around the city on your birthday.

Seamless services:

At H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne, our staff members want to make the occasion more special by providing a variety of limo vehicles for hire. We are the ideal choice not only for birthday celebration but for any occasion that you want to cherish for years. We take pride in delivering seamless hummer hire services and letting you to travel in style and comfort with our tailor-made packages.

Unforgettable experience:

We have the objective of making our customer’s birthday and other special occasions an unforgettable one. We take an extra step to create long lasting memories and make you feel like a celebrity on the special day. Our staff members treat you as a superstar and provide you with everything that is required to enjoy your birthday with full content.

Hassle free transportation:

You need not arrange a separate vehicle for your guests to get them to the party venue. We can provide vehicles that can accommodate around 6 to 12 guests at competitive prices.  H2 Hummer Hire will arrange an appropriate vehicle for transferring your guests in a stylish mode to the celebration venue.

Nibbling and drinking:

We treat your guests as ours and provide nibbles and drinks at the time of transferring to the party venue. Your esteemed guests will be pleased with our fun packed entertainment ideas and the party atmosphere that we have created. We also let your clients to enjoy cruising around the city in their preferred itinerary whilst enjoying their preferred playlist. We are bound to create cherishing memories and long lasting impression on your guests.

Equipments we have:

H2 Hummer Hire has all the necessary equipments to entertain you as well as your guests during transferring. All our limousines and hummers are equipped with large TV screens as well as sound systems to play popular videos and music. In addition, we also have smoker machines and disco laser lighting to create the perfect ambience for your birthday celebration.

Let your guests to travel in elegance and comfort in our class of hummer or hyper stretch limos at matchless prices. Whatever your desire is, H2 Hummer Limo Hire Melbourne gratifies your needs and accentuates the event professionally.

Don’t forget to contact us to get the quotes!

H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne – Luxurious Limousine Rental Service

Whether it is a wedding party, a wine tour, a bachelor party, a birthday party or a corporate event, renting a hummer has been the prominent choice for most people who are keen about organizing a memorable outing. H2 Hummer Hire, a leading Melbourne-based car rental company, offers fancy limo at a reasonable cost.

We have our own fleet of vehicles which are luxurious, air conditioned and equipped with modern features. All our clients and customers can enjoy absolute professionalism, reliability and discretion as we are committed to provide seamless hummer hire service throughout Melbourne.

Special features of our hummer:

Our fleet of hummer vehicles has the following features:

  • Fully equipped bars
  • LCD screens
  • Luxury leather seats
  • DVD and CD players
  • Fully integrated sound system with sub woofers
  • Laser, neon and strobe lighting
  • Elegant interior

Whether you are an individual or a corporate company, you can take complete advantage of all the features integrated in our hummers for a fraction of cost. All our luxurious amenities are aimed at providing maximum entertainment to the passengers.

Elegance and convenience:

We take pride in informing you that all our hummers have elegant interior with exclusive features to provide better convenience to the passengers. One of the beneficial amenities that you will find with our hummer hire services is the ample seating capacity. We house hummers with seating capacities ranging from 6 passengers to 16 passengers. Whether you need hummer hire Melbourne for a small group or a large one, we can fulfill your requirements by offering a vehicle with required number of seats.

Experienced drivers:

We employ only well trained and experienced chauffeurs who are acquainted with complete route details and short cuts to any destination across Melbourne. Besides having good driving skills, our chauffeurs also have great communication skills.

Why choose our hummer hire services?

With our unique combination of versatility, style and consistency, we promise to increase the standard in providing our services to exceed your expectation. We are dedicated to provide our clients with matchless travelling experience by rendering seamless hummer Limo hire Melbourne services at reasonable prices.

 Our team of professionals pays close attention to your safety and provides customer service of the maximum possible standard. Moreover, all our vehicles are well maintained and are in good condition to ensure comfort and safe riding. So, all you need is to lean back, relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about convenience, comfort and safety.

Hummer Limo Hire: A Way to Make an Occasion Special

Hummer Limo hire MelbourneLooking for a way to make that occasion special? Hiring a Hummer limo will do it. There are several occasions hiring a limo comes in handy. Hiring a limo for weddings, birthday parties, business parties, anniversaries, graduation parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties or proms certainly makes the occasion special. A limo adds both class and style to any of these events. Limo hire services used to be preserved for the affluent people in the society. This was so because hiring a limo back then was quite costly. Thanks to several Hummer Hire Melbourne services today, making that occasion special is not only possible but affordable.

Make Your Wedding the Most Memorable Event of Your Life

A wedding is a major occasion for a couple. You never forget your wedding day for the rest of your life. So, why don’t you make it special by hiring a limo? Riding to your wedding reception or the church in a limousine will add glamour, class and style to your wedding. Both excitement and bliss are inevitable when riding in a limo. You could actually save on transportation costs by using one limo for the bridal party team instead of hiring several cars. A plus for hiring a limo for your wedding is that you get a professionally, experienced chauffeur with the limo. All that is left for you to do after hiring a limo is to sit back, relax and enjoy the VIP transportation.

Ride With Class and Glamour

Generally, limousines are the best choice for VIPs. Thus, when you hire a limo, you are guaranteed that special VIP feeling during your occasion. A Hummer Limo Hire is quite comfortable. It is among the best transport option. It helps relax your nerves before and during that special occasion. A limo that comes with a music system, disco lights and other amenities enables you to start the party before you arrive at the venue. Evidently, hiring a limo enables you to not only ride in class and glamour, but also enhance your mood for that special occasion.

Make a Bold Statement

How you arrive at an occasion makes it special and memorable for you and the attendees. A limo enables you to arrive to any occasion in style. There are different limos for different occasions. With the help of a reputable Hummer hire company, you are guaranteed a perfect limo for that special occasion. Imagine the bold statement you could be making if you proposed inside a stretch limo for example. Wouldn’t you want to be the partner who gets to say “yes I will marry you” in a limo? That would be one bold, thrilling and out of the world way to start your marriage don’t you agree?


Make that occasion special by opting to hummer Limo hire. From the interior comfort, exterior of the limo, holding capacity and prestige that comes with a limo, hiring one is a decision you will forever be grateful you made. Every once in a while, it is always great to overlook life pressures and treat yourself. Experience the VIP life by hiring a Limo to make that occasion special. You know what, you are a VIP. Your existence makes the world a better place. Celebrate that fact. Make that bold decision today and go ahead and limo hire Melbourne for that occasion. It will definitely make it special.