The colour of hummer limos you choose to hire depends completely on your personal taste as well as on the style and theme of your event or occasion. Now, hummer hire Melbourne is available in almost every colour of the rainbow. Though colour is not something important to consider, the shade you choose reflects your personality. Here are some primary limo colours to choose from:

Black Hummer Limousines:

Black is one of the most common limousine colours available. In fact, most of the limo hire Melbourne companies have a black limo in their fleet as this colour seems to be bold, elite, elegant and sophisticated. That’s why you often encounter celebrities choosing black limousines to travel in.

Pearl White Hummer Limousines:

Though white hummer for hire tends to be lighter, they are not less sophisticated than the black cruisers. As white colour reflects an optimistic, happy personality, the white limousines can be chosen for happier occasions like weddings and prom night.

Hot Pink Hummer Limousines:

Pink is one of the increasingly popular limousine colours as it can grab and keep everyone’s attention. With pink representing youthful, party personality, the pink hummer hire is ideal for hen’s night, graduation party, bachelorette party and weddings.

Sunset Jewel Golden Hummer Limousines:

Want to display your pleasant personality? Why not do it so by booking a ride in a sunset jewel golden hummer? Being an uncommon limousine colour, it is a perfect option if you want to show off your individuality.

Book Your Ride With H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne!

If you are planning to hire a hyper stretch limousine for an upcoming occasion in any of the above-listed colours, look no further than H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne.  We have a wide range of stretch hummer limousines for hire in different colours and seater options to choose from. Whether you are traveling solo or as a group, we have the right vehicle to accommodate your traveling needs. Moreover, all of our limos are incorporated with high-end amenities that let you travel in style. For any questions you may have on our stretch limo hire services or to book a ride with us, feel free to call us on 0458 780 001.