Most couples hire a limousine in Melbourne for their wedding, but do you think that that’s the only romantic occasion to choose a hummer hire service? No, definitely not! You can rent a limousine to celebrate any romantic milestones or to take your relationship to the next level. Here are five romantic reasons to choose limousine hire in Melbourne.


A marriage proposal is one of the most classic times to hire a hummer limo. Whether you want to take her/him to a picturesque location to pop up the question or want to drive off to a vineyard when your partner accepts your proposal, a stretch limo hire will facilitate this special occasion.

Date Night:

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to enjoy this luxury car service. Planning a date night with your loved one can turn out to be a romantic getaway. Hire a limo to take both of you to dinner or a hotel downtown. No matter how you want to celebrate your relationship with your date, a spacious stretch pink hummer can give you the perfect atmosphere to spend the night.


Honeymoon is another excellent time to hire this luxurious car. Most couples use a limo to transport them from their wedding reception to the airport, hotel, new home or any nearby honeymoon destination. Traveling in a limo during this time retains the romantic spirit with you while embarking on your next adventure.


If you have used a hummer hire service on your wedding day, it is worthwhile to rent one for your anniversary too. It is a nostalgic way of reconnecting with your partner and remembering this beautiful day forever.


If you and your partner are expecting a new baby, stretch hummer hire is the best way to celebrate the new addition to your family. This kind of vacation provides you with an opportunity to spend some time together before the sweetheart joins you.

If you and your partner want to celebrate any romantic get-away in style, rent a hyper stretch limousine from H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne. Call 0458 780 001 and book your ride with us today to make your special occasion a day to remember.