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A Look Inside The Luxurious Hummer – What To Expect?

When it comes to luxurious transportation, nothing quite matches the allure and grandeur of a hummer. In Melbourne, the trend of hiring a hummer for special occasions has soared, with options ranging from sleek black to eye-catching pink hummers. Whether it is for a wedding, a birthday, a night out, or any significant event, hummer hire in Melbourne provides an unmatched blend of luxury, style, and comfort. Let’s take a closer look inside the luxurious hummer to see what makes it so special.

Unmatched Elegance and Comfort

The first thing you’ll notice when stepping inside a hummer is the sheer space and opulence. Designed to cater to those who appreciate the finer things in life, these vehicles offer ample room, ensuring you and your guests enjoy the journey in absolute comfort. The interior of a stretch hummer hire in Melbourne is outfitted with plush leather seating, sophisticated mood lighting, and a state-of-the-art sound system that turns any ride into a private concert.

Entertainment and Amenities

What sets the hummer apart from a standard stretch limo hire is its array of onboard
entertainment options and amenities. Imagine cruising through the city’s busy streets with your own personal bar, LED screens, and a premium sound system at your disposal. This is the reality when you opt for a hummer hire. It’s not just a mode of transportation, it is a mobile party venue that offers an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Ideal for Every Occasion

Hummers are versatile, making them perfect for any event. Whether you are looking for a grand entrance to your wedding, a memorable ride for your prom, or a luxurious vehicle for a corporate event, a hummer fits the bill perfectly. With competitive hummer hire Melbourne prices, opting for such opulence is more accessible than ever.

At H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne, we understand the importance of luxury, reliability, and
exceptional service. Our fleet of hummers is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring your experience is nothing short of spectacular. From pink hummer hire in Melbourne for a girls night out to a sophisticated black hummer for more formal occasions, we have the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.

Call us today at 0458 780 001 to reserve your hummer and elevate your next occasion to a level of luxury and fun you’ve never imagined possible.

Top Occasions for Hiring a Pink Hummer: Girls’s Specials

A pink hummer limousine is not just a vehicle; it is a statement. It combines luxury, style, and a splash of fun, making it perfect for events that are all about celebrating womanhood in all its glory. Whether it is a milestone birthday, a bachelorette party, or just a fabulous girls’s day out, here are the top occasions for hiring a pink hummer, guaranteed to add that extra touch of sparkle and unforgettable memories.

Bachelorette Parties

The ultimate celebration of sisterhood and the bride-to-be’s final send-off into married life, bachelorette parties are the perfect occasion for a pink hummer hire. It is all about fun, laughter, and creating memories, and what better way to kick-start the festivities than by cruising around town in this luxurious ride?

Sweet Sixteen Birthdays

A sweet sixteen is a significant milestone in a girl’s life, symbolising the transition from childhood to young adulthood. Make it extra special with a stretch pink limousine, offering her and her friends an unforgettable experience that feels both grown-up and whimsically fun.

Prom Nights

For many girls, prom night is one of the most anticipated events of their high school career.
Arriving in a pink hummer can make any girl feel like a princess, ensuring that the night starts and ends on a high note. It is not just a ride; it is a statement of style, confidence, and
unforgettable memories.

Girls Day Out

Sometimes, the best occasion is simply spending quality time with your girlfriends. Whether it is a spa day, shopping spree, or a tour around the city, choosing pink hummer limo hire can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure, full of laughter and bonding.

Graduation Celebration

Graduating is a major achievement, and what better way to celebrate this pivotal moment than with pink limousine hire? It is a way to mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter with optimism, style, and a touch of luxury.

Are you ready to elevate your next girls-only event with unmatched luxury and style? Look no further! At H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne, we have everything you need to make your celebration unforgettable. From bachelorette parties to sweet sixteens and everything in between, our stretch pink hummer is the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of glamour and fun. Wondering about hummer hire Melbourne prices? We offer competitive rates without compromising on the luxury experience. Call us now at 0458 780 001 to book your luxurious ride and make your event the talk of the town.

Five Romantic Reasons To Choose Hummer Hire In Melbourne

Most couples hire a limousine in Melbourne for their wedding, but do you think that that’s the only romantic occasion to choose a hummer hire service? No, definitely not! You can rent a limousine to celebrate any romantic milestones or to take your relationship to the next level. Here are five romantic reasons to choose limousine hire in Melbourne.


A marriage proposal is one of the most classic times to hire a hummer limo. Whether you want to take her/him to a picturesque location to pop up the question or want to drive off to a vineyard when your partner accepts your proposal, a stretch limo hire will facilitate this special occasion.

Date Night:

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to enjoy this luxury car service. Planning a date night with your loved one can turn out to be a romantic getaway. Hire a limo to take both of you to dinner or a hotel downtown. No matter how you want to celebrate your relationship with your date, a spacious stretch pink hummer can give you the perfect atmosphere to spend the night.


Honeymoon is another excellent time to hire this luxurious car. Most couples use a limo to transport them from their wedding reception to the airport, hotel, new home or any nearby honeymoon destination. Traveling in a limo during this time retains the romantic spirit with you while embarking on your next adventure.


If you have used a hummer hire service on your wedding day, it is worthwhile to rent one for your anniversary too. It is a nostalgic way of reconnecting with your partner and remembering this beautiful day forever.


If you and your partner are expecting a new baby, stretch hummer hire is the best way to celebrate the new addition to your family. This kind of vacation provides you with an opportunity to spend some time together before the sweetheart joins you.

If you and your partner want to celebrate any romantic get-away in style, rent a hyper stretch limousine from H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne. Call 0458 780 001 and book your ride with us today to make your special occasion a day to remember.

Choosing The Right Limousine Colour For Your Next Special Occasion

The colour of hummer limos you choose to hire depends completely on your personal taste as well as on the style and theme of your event or occasion. Now, hummer hire Melbourne is available in almost every colour of the rainbow. Though colour is not something important to consider, the shade you choose reflects your personality. Here are some primary limo colours to choose from:

Black Hummer Limousines:

Black is one of the most common limousine colours available. In fact, most of the limo hire Melbourne companies have a black limo in their fleet as this colour seems to be bold, elite, elegant and sophisticated. That’s why you often encounter celebrities choosing black limousines to travel in.

Pearl White Hummer Limousines:

Though white hummer for hire tends to be lighter, they are not less sophisticated than the black cruisers. As white colour reflects an optimistic, happy personality, the white limousines can be chosen for happier occasions like weddings and prom night.

Hot Pink Hummer Limousines:

Pink is one of the increasingly popular limousine colours as it can grab and keep everyone’s attention. With pink representing youthful, party personality, the pink hummer hire is ideal for hen’s night, graduation party, bachelorette party and weddings.

Sunset Jewel Golden Hummer Limousines:

Want to display your pleasant personality? Why not do it so by booking a ride in a sunset jewel golden hummer? Being an uncommon limousine colour, it is a perfect option if you want to show off your individuality.

Book Your Ride With H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne!

If you are planning to hire a hyper stretch limousine for an upcoming occasion in any of the above-listed colours, look no further than H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne.  We have a wide range of stretch hummer limousines for hire in different colours and seater options to choose from. Whether you are traveling solo or as a group, we have the right vehicle to accommodate your traveling needs. Moreover, all of our limos are incorporated with high-end amenities that let you travel in style. For any questions you may have on our stretch limo hire services or to book a ride with us, feel free to call us on 0458 780 001.

Impress Your Business Clients with Corporate Hummer Hire Melbourne

As a business owner, you would know that impressing a potential client is key to turn them into a life-long, loyal client. When you meet your new clients for the first time, you should flaunt some luxurious details to set you apart. Choosing hummer hire Melbourne is one guaranteed method of impressing your potential clients.

Various Purposes To Choose Corporate Hummer Hire Melbourne:

Hiring a stretch hummer for your client to use is a perfect way to show them how much your business values them as partners.

  • Your clients will definitely appreciate your consideration when you decide to use stretch hummer hire services to transport them to and from the airport.
  • If your clients are new to the city, they will have a number of places to go around. Opting for a hyperstretch limousine hire service will be a thoughtful gesture and a quick way to create an impression.
  • When it comes to riding to important business events, hiring corporate limousines is an absolute necessity.

Hiring a Pink Hummer Hire to meet all of the transportation needs of your potential clients is an ideal way to prove them your business will be considerate of their needs and will provide them with an unrivalled level of quality.

Call H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne Today!

At H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne, we provide stylish, safe and reliable transportation and outstanding services for businesses across Melbourne. Wherever your business takes you, we can get you there in ultimate comfort and on-time. With us, you would never be late to a business meeting or can be assured of having an enjoyable experience while one of our chauffeurs transport you from one destination to another.

Our Fleet Of Vehicles:

  • Black Beauty
  • White Ford Hyperstretch
  • Sunset Jewel Golden Hummer
  • Pink Hummer
  • Rockstar Hummer
  • Pearl White Hummer
  • Black Ford Excursion Stretch Hummer

All of our hummer limos come equipped with a wide range of luxurious amenities that undoubtedly provide an impeccable first impression.

To book one of our corporate limousines, feel free to give us a call on 0458 780 001

The Complete Guide of Wedding Limo Hire Melbourne

Limousines are great wedding vehicles because they are classy and spacious. For Wedding Limo Hire services in Melbourne, there are several things you need to consider. These include:

 Number of People

 You should consider the number of people who will be transported by the limo. With a specific number of people, you will be able to determine what model would best serve your needs.

Type of Car

There are two types of limousines: vintage and modern. The modern model offers more convenience because of the fresh technology. It is ideal for poor weather since it has better air conditioning.


Proper scheduling ensures that the limousines hire service allows time for events like traffic. Also, with proper planning, it is possible to know whether the vehicle is available at a certain date and time.

Get a Quote

After giving the hiring company crucial details such as distance, number of people, and time frame, you will get a quote. You should then see how the quote compares to your budget and make an appropriate decision on the limo.

It is wise to inquire on the availability of limousines before the wedding to avoid last-minute rushes. It is good to visit the agent to view the vehicle long before the wedding date. Call H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne at 0467 486 637 to have the perfect wedding.

Reasons To Choose Limo Hire For Corporate Event – Revealed!

Limousines have been one of the most luxurious means of transportation. With the classy look and prolific comfort, limos have always been in demand. Available in different sizes and colours, limousines are perfect for proms, wedding, night outs, airport transfers, etc. When it comes to corporate life, it is important to stay professional in all aspects, including your ride. In order to meet the traveling needs of the businesses, corporate limo hire services were established. But, what are the real benefits of hiring a limo for a corporate event? Let’s have a look at the reasons.

Comfort and Amenities:

When it comes to business clients or partners, you must provide them with the most luxurious hospitality possible. As a part of it, you should arrange for a professional transport service that can create a great impression on your clients. With picturesque interior, wide spacing and top-of-the-line amenities, limousines are a trademark of comfort and luxury. Hiring a limo to transfer your clients from the airport to the event venue and back to the airport will add to the reputation and image of your business.


When you hire a limo to manage your transportation needs, you can sit back, relax and conduct business on the go. Traveling in a limo will allow you to make calls, reply to emails, prepare for a presentation, work on a document or attend a virtual live meeting without any worry. There is no doubt that your time is better spent while riding in a limo.

Time Saving:

For any businessman, time is money. The entrepreneurs look for transportation that can provide timely pickup and drop-off service. The professional hummer hire services understand this and get you to the corporate meeting and conferences on time. They are committed to provide punctual, prompt and disciplined limousine services, ensuring that you always reach in time for the meeting.

These are the top 3 reasons that reveal the benefit of hiring a limo service for your corporate event. So, the next time when you need a corporate limo hire in Melbourne, feel free to call 0467 486 637 and book a limo of your choice with H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne. We have got a variety of limousines for hire with different seater options, so you can pick up the one as per your needs.

Pink Party Limo and Car Hire From H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne

Pink party limo hire offers more than a luxury ride for exclusive executive events. If you are hosting a party, have a wedding, airport transfers, meetings and conferences our services are duly customized to meet your expectations.

Our limousines are well designed to give you a comfortable ride regardless of the kind of road you’ll be using.

Customers Luxury

We have a wide range of prestigious stretch limousines that you can pick for your event.

  • Range rover limo and SUV’s
  • Mercedes SUV
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Hummer
  • Chrysler
  • Audi Q7

Our customized pink party limo services have the following additional packages that can be fully customized to match your taste.

  • Security escort
  • Bodyguards
  • Red carpet rollout
  • Pre-booking of venues
  • Selected drinks
  • Flowers and décor

Your safety and comfort is paramount. We look forward to working with you by getting things right  from the first time you get in touch with us. We strive to take you to the venue in style and comfort.

Pink party limo stretches your imagination once you experience the stretch of our limousines. Pink limo hires will make you stand out from the rest! We will make your arrival at the party stylish and on a fleet of your choice.

Our Car Hire Specials

Get the feel of the lush leather interior, first class entertainment and a fully stocked bar you can enjoy as you travel to your destinations in a unique VIP style. You will enjoy your journey as you sip on the complimentary drinks on offer and enjoy the comfort of professional chauffeurs who will make sure you step out on the red carpet with a touch of class and opulence.

Our Pink limo hire has a well trained professional team. It works to offer a service combination that is perfect for the added quality, and selected price strategies, ensuring you get a perfect solution for your occasion.

Our event management team is specialized to handle your transport needs as well as help in planning the actual event itself. This is to make sure that you don’t need to have another team managing your event. Quite convenient, yes?

We lead the industry by defining service excellence that matches customer loyalty. Our services are superior to our competitors because we serve you with passion and excellence! Our years of experience in the industry also come in handy!

Our packages have unlimited mileage coverage and an extended travel period valid for a specified period. We give a dedicated contact number and email address that you and your guests can use during the period of the contract for quick and direct support.

We always set aside back up vehicles to cater for any unexpected incidents. All the limousines used by pink limo hire are fully registered, regularly serviced and insured. This gives you the confidence that your party will go on without any hitches.

Our Terms

At H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne, We have a refund policy that only applies to bookings pre-paid and canceled within 24 hours. The refund is paid in full except for normal bank charges that may be incurred during the transaction. Cancellations are done after 24 hours or a few days before the actual event date, pink limo hire will surcharge you for your refund.

Enjoy your party in our pink party Limo, it will be worth every second

Need a pink Hummer limousine in Melbourne? Talk to H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne!

As far as Hummer limousines are concerned, pink is the way to go! Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne is the premier provider of stretch Hummer limousine services all over Melbourne, Victoria. Whether you need a pink Hummer hire for occasions such as weddings, hen and buck parties, and winery tours across the Yarra valley, Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne is all you need.

What we offer

Our promise is to provide top-notch transportation for special occasions, which means riding in style for the building of memories. Stretch Hummer limousines are vehicles that exude adventure and point at special times, especially if the limo is pink in color! The popularity of Pink Hummer limousines for hire cannot be gainsaid. With a maximum passenger sitting space of 16, Hummer stretch limousines are certainly big on capacity. You can have an entire entourage accompanying you for your special occasion. Our limos at Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne are equipped with a premium sound system with the provision to play music from CD, MP3, DVD and IPOD. Three large screen, LED monitor’s display all your video content.

Hassle free process

Who doesn’t want the process of hiring a transportation service to be hassle free? Hiring a Pink Hummer doesn’t need to be time-consuming! Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne should be your stop for a pink stretch Hummer limousine hire. If what you need is a luxurious, enjoyable, and stylish experience!

For a hassle free process, our pink Hummer hire service has pre-existing packages for events such as buck parties, winery tours, hen nights, and weddings. Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne provides the popular pink Hummer limousines to fit all your needs for any occasion. Alcoholic beverages are available on-board, but only upon your request. Alternatively, you are allowed to carry your own beverages, depending on your needs. However, if you must take alcohol, you should be 21 years or older.

Leg room and ambiance

With our pink colored, wraparound sitting arrangement, Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne’s vehicles have plenty of legroom for your luxury and comfort. And the ambiance is just impeccable! Our pink Hummer stretch limousines come with strobe lights, lighting, laser show, neon lights, a mirrored disco ceiling, and much more. Enjoy the comfort of the leather interior in our pink Hummer hire service, with the possibility of rear VIP seating.

Why you need a pink Hummer limousine

If you are looking for a big night out in Melbourne, talk to us for the pink stretch limo hire service, and you are sure to arrive at your destination in style. You are a VIP! You need to feel like one by travelling on a pink Hummer Limo every once in a while! Get the attention you deserve as your car arrives! You want to be the envy of all the other guests, don’t you? Add the touch of glamour to your otherwise ordinary occasion, whether a wedding or hen party by talking to Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne for the best services.

How much does a pink Hummer hire cost?

Although we have the most competitive and affordable prices in the entire Melbourne, we charge you based on the occasion and the length of time you will be using the limousine. Talk to us at H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne to know our rates.

Life is too short, a  pink Hummer makes the ride worthwhile!

Melbourne Pink Limo Rentals

We are introducing the first pink hummer limousine in Melbourne 14 and 20 seater H2 executive hummers. This limousine service is perfect for bachelor / bachelorette parties, kids events and parties, birthday parties, weddings, VIP transport and all your special occasions.

Enjoy a chauffeured pink ride as you make a grand entry to your party this 2017!

What You Will Enjoy

  • Leather seats on captain design seats
  • Flat screen LCD TVs
  • Upgraded surround system
  • Luggage room for 14 to 20 people
  • Well designed air conditioning system

We have a specialized management team that plans our packages so that they can fit in well within the following services;

VIP Transport

You can join other executives and celebrities in enjoying one of our top shelf transfer services as you get pampered and enjoy a true luxurious ride from our one of a kind limo ride.

Shopping Tours

Discover what Melbourne has to offer as we take you on a ride to all the leading shopping areas.

Sporting Events

We also offer transport services from your home to the biggest sporting event in town. We save you the hassle of navigating traffic by taking an escort ride to clear the way for you.

Group Transportation

Melbourne pink limo rentals have a package that caters for group travel from one place to another in a comfortable ride.

Anniversary Parties

Pick the luxurious stretch pink limousines to take you to your preferred location for an evening of fun, passion and fulfillment as you plan to mark the most important day in your life.

Bachelorette Parties

Enjoy a stress free party all night with this package as you enjoy the last night of singlehood among friends. We can move you and your party from one spot to the next without breaking the party spirit!


You and your friends can enjoy a prom night on a smooth ride. Treat yourself to ride that will make a statement on your prom night.


Make your big day stand out by renting out one of the pink limousines specifically designed for a wedding party. A red carpet treatment awaits you on your reception. We can also help you manage your honeymoon transportation logistics.

Airport Transfers

Moving from the airport can be hectic. We have a specialized escort team that is well trained in handling high profile guest the moment they step in the airport to the final destination.

Hire a Limo

We also provide hire services where you can get your private driver and use the limo for a specified period of time.

Why We Are the Best

At H2 Hummer hire Melbourne, We have a market niche that our customized limousines cater for at all times. We brand our limos with your brand colors and logos to give you a presence while we move you across Melbourne. We pride ourselves in the quality of services rendered by our dedicated staff. Our top of the range pink limousine ensures efficient and prompt service when you need it most. Our event planners work tirelessly to make sure your party goes on smoothly at an affordable rate.

Our chauffeurs and support staff undergo a rigorous internal training and are compliant with all the industry requirements.

Our fleet undergoes regular and timely service and inspection to ensure you enjoy a safe ride to and from your destination.


A ride in our pink limo is simply mesmerizing!