Limousines are great wedding vehicles because they are classy and spacious. For Wedding Limo Hire services in Melbourne, there are several things you need to consider. These include:

 Number of People

 You should consider the number of people who will be transported by the limo. With a specific number of people, you will be able to determine what model would best serve your needs.

Type of Car

There are two types of limousines: vintage and modern. The modern model offers more convenience because of the fresh technology. It is ideal for poor weather since it has better air conditioning.


Proper scheduling ensures that the limousines hire service allows time for events like traffic. Also, with proper planning, it is possible to know whether the vehicle is available at a certain date and time.

Get a Quote

After giving the hiring company crucial details such as distance, number of people, and time frame, you will get a quote. You should then see how the quote compares to your budget and make an appropriate decision on the limo.

It is wise to inquire on the availability of limousines before the wedding to avoid last-minute rushes. It is good to visit the agent to view the vehicle long before the wedding date. Call H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne at 0467 486 637 to have the perfect wedding.